Why are the Mexican state’s public universities the worst in the country?


The Mexican state has a dismal reputation when it comes to educating its young.

The number of students graduating from the country’s public colleges and universities has declined for years, and Mexico’s government has yet to find a way to make up the gap.

But in 2017, the Mexican government announced a $7 billion budget for a number of state-funded educational institutions, hoping to improve the countrys education systems and prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Now, the new funding will likely help bolster those efforts.

The new funding for the state’s three universities will be used to make new investments in classrooms and facilities and hire more teachers.

But, the state said, it will also invest in the education of the 1.2 million students who are still enrolled at these institutions, and to invest in improving their education and learning in the future, according to a press release from the Mexican Ministry of Education.

The announcement comes after the state government spent $3.8 billion on education last year, the most of any state in the world.

And it’s not just money that is coming.

The state is also creating a new initiative called the Education System for Youth, which aims to create new schools for its students.

“We need to develop the capacity for our youth, who are currently the least educated, to become the next generation of innovators,” said Jorge Garcia, secretary general of the Mexican Federation of Educators, a union that represents some 1,200 state-owned public institutions.

“The funding will be a way for us to develop, train, and equip our educators, our teachers, and the rest of the people of our state,” Garcia said.

The funding for schools in the new initiative is $4.6 billion, and includes money for the new curriculum.

“It’s very important for our education system that we invest in our education systems, because if we don’t invest, our education will be not only deficient, but we’ll lose all of the knowledge,” Garcia added.

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