Which colleges have the best female basketball players?


The University of Washington has the best players in the country.

In the women’s college game, it’s the women who are making the most noise.

For most of its history, women have been limited to playing on one of the best teams in the nation.

Then in 2013, the Washington Spirit moved to a brand-new, larger stadium and added a female basketball team.

The Washington women have now won four straight NCAA championships.

The Spirit is the first women’s basketball team in the history of the NCAA to win four straight championships.

But the Spirit has made strides in recent years.

The team’s success has been helped by its two women, Lauren Murphy and Kelsey Pask, both rising stars.

They have played at the national level.

The first women to be drafted into the NBA, Murphy has gone on to play in three All-Star games, and she has become one of Washington’s most consistent performers.

Pask is a sophomore who will enter the NBA Draft on Thursday.

“I think we’ve seen great progress, and I think the spirit of the Spirit is something that the women in our team are very excited about,” said freshman forward Jadyn Brown.

“I think our spirit is contagious and I’m excited for our future.”

The Spirit’s progress has made the women of the women on the men’s team more than a little jealous.

That was apparent when the team hosted a charity game for the Women’s College Basketball Association, which supports college sports teams.

It was a great way to honor women in college basketball.

The women were given a $1,000 prize from the association and had to pick their favorite player from the players.

That player was a Georgetown University product, Kelly Oubre, and it was one of a number of players that made the cut to the game.

The players’ favorite player was Washington guard Kaitlyn Odom, a freshman forward who is currently the No. 1 player in the women�s college basketball league.

She scored 22 points and grabbed seven rebounds in 19 minutes.

The other players in that game were Washington’s other two All-Americans, forward Brianna Turner and guard Meghan Lee.

Turner scored 19 points and had nine rebounds and Lee scored 16 points and seven assists.

The Spirit is one of just three schools to have two female players on the court for the entire game.

Washington’s success is just one of many examples that women are being represented on college and professional basketball teams.

The women have made their presence felt on the national stage.

It�s a trend that�s been happening for a long time.

There are women�t many women who can play the position in the NBA and women who want to play it are being recruited by a lot of schools.

That has helped make college basketball more competitive than ever before.

“We all know that women in the NFL are playing for teams that have a male head coach,” said Odom.

“We have the same issues here at the university level and I hope that helps us out and helps the Spirit to continue to have the momentum they have going into the NCAA tournament.”

It�ll be interesting to see what happens at the NCAA Tournament next year.

The NCAA Tournament will be held in Atlanta next month, but the event�s location was announced on Thursday, April 6, with the winner announced on April 15.

For more on women in sports, follow @YahooBasketball and @YBHToday on Twitter.

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