When schools start paying for the internet


fullerton College in California is paying for an online learning portal that it says will make its online classes more engaging and relevant.

The new portal, called CARTHAGE, will be operated by Fullerton College, a historically black college in Los Angeles, which is one of the most diverse in the country.

Fullerton students will use the site for classes they can access through a variety of devices, including mobile devices, laptops and tablet computers, Fullerton President Christopher Epperson said.

CARTHAGES curriculum will be open to all students and faculty, he said.

Students will have access to more than 60 courses, including online classes, in a variety that will be tailored to their interests and preferences.

Eppson said the portal will be available for free. 

“It’s a significant investment,” he said, adding that CARTHAGENetwork.com will be used to manage and distribute courses, resources, videos and audio materials.

The university has not yet set a price for the service. 

Students at Fullerton, a public university in Orange County, are not required to register for the CARTHAGE portal.

But students and parents at Fullertons school can sign up for the free CARTHAHouse portal, which costs $10 a month. 

In April, Fullerts students and other Fullerton alumni launched the CARTELay portal, a similar service that is used by students and teachers at more than 50 other universities.

The CARTALay portal has no price tag. 

Fullerton College was founded in 1885, according to its website. 

Epperson, who is black, said that he and other students at Fulleta College have been working with Fullerton Chancellor Eric K. Dolan, who has been involved in a number of community outreach efforts, including promoting racial equity.

Eppson is a member of the Fullerton Black Chamber of Commerce.

Fullerties school was named in the 2016 U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Set, which ranks colleges based on their efforts to improve student learning.

The CARTHAAve portal will help Fullerton become more “sexy” and more accessible to students, Eppesons wife, Ashley Eppersen, said in a statement.

The goal of the CARThage portal is to provide more diverse options to Fullerton and other communities, and to serve as a platform for Fullerton’s community to connect, she said.

Fullerton is one in a growing number of historically black colleges and universities in the U.s. that are looking to expand their offerings online.

Last year, fullerton’s college of higher learning expanded its online offerings to include courses and resources for Black students and staff.

Last month, Fulleta was named the first historically black university in the nation to receive a 2017 White House Innovation Grant.

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