What you need to know about the University of California at Berkeley and its controversial new title: Black Lives Matter!

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On the surface, the title of the new Black Lives Matters book is a bit misleading: Black and white students and faculty are supposed to get along, but it’s actually a racist book with a very white cover and the author’s own racial identity on the cover.

And it’s not the only recent example of the controversial title.

It was the title used by several Black Lives movement groups, including the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army, as well as by Black Lives for Justice and the National Black Coalition for Gun Control.

The title of a book with such a negative connotation is likely to attract some backlash, as the new title has become a hot topic of discussion in the US, and the term “Black Lives Matter” is now being used in some contexts to refer to groups like Black Lives, the National Action Network and the Stop Handgun Violence campaign.

The controversy comes as universities around the world are looking for ways to change their titles, including at UC Berkeley.

In February, the university published a guide to the changes it will make to its title in order to improve student and faculty understanding of its policies and practices.

However, the document has since been taken down.

“We will be revisiting the title in the coming weeks, but our hope is that the new guidelines will help to ensure that students, faculty and staff have a better understanding of what we believe is a safe and inclusive campus,” the university said in a statement to the Guardian.

The UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California.

The campus said that the guide was “a valuable tool” that was updated to “better reflect our mission, and reflect our values and mission to help all students, staff and faculty, live and learn safely and with dignity.”

UC Berkeley is an institution founded in 1869 and was the first public university in the country to admit women and students of color.

However it was only in 1993 that the university officially adopted the term Black Lives to refer only to people of color, and that change was made in 2002, with the designation of Black Lives at the university’s commencement.

“The title was written as a tool to help inform students about our values, and to help students understand our goals and goals for our campus,” UC Berkeley said in its statement.

“I am proud of my past, and I am excited to be a part of UC Berkeley’s Black Lives campaign, which is a powerful way to help build a more vibrant and inclusive community.”

Black Lives and the University system at large Black Lives activists have long pushed for a more nuanced and inclusive approach to campus, saying that the system should focus more on students, not on white people, as they are the main focus of their activism.

However Black Lives advocates say that the University System at large, which runs the UC system, is failing to do enough to address systemic racism and systemic violence.

Black Lives Activists say the UC Berkeley and the US Department of Education, which oversees UC, are failing to adequately address systemic violence against people of colour and the people of different races.

“What we want is for the University to say to us, ‘This is what it’s about, and you have to address it’,” said Darlene McPherson, a Black Lives activist and UC Berkeley alumna.

“And if they don’t do it, we’re going to start.

We’re not going to stop until it changes.”

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