Weather forecast for California: A week of uncertainty


It is not the first time that the California Coastal Floodplain has experienced a severe event that could affect the state’s water resources.

In the summer of 2010, the coast of Southern California was hit by a series of storms that swept through the region.

The events created the largest flood in US history and created the worst drought in its history.

At the time, some researchers said that the drought was linked to climate change.

Now, however, the drought has been reduced and is not predicted to return anytime soon.

In fact, the state has received a significant amount of rainfall in recent months.

What the researchers did not know is that the flooding occurred during the same period when the state was already suffering from an extreme drought.

So what exactly happened in the last week of May?

The most recent rainfall is part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPG) that has been making waves since the end of June.

The GPG is a large area of land and water that is blanketed by warmer water and often in a state of disrepair.

The sea level in the area has risen, causing the coastline to rise, leading to erosion and flooding.

In many parts of California, the coastline has become so steep that even the tallest of skyscrapers can be damaged by the gash in the sea.

In recent years, coastal communities have seen the effects of climate change, with rising sea levels, drought, rising sea level and sea level rise all affecting the state.

In June, the area surrounding Lake Tahoe, the largest reservoir in the US, became a flash floodplain.

The lake is located just off the coast and is expected to flood more than 30% of the city’s total capacity this year.

This flooding has also affected the Sacramento area, which is currently experiencing its second year of flooding.

The situation is likely to get worse in the coming years.

Climate change has been linked to drought and a worsening of the GPG and sea levels.

The US is already facing a severe drought.

At this point, it seems unlikely that climate change will be a significant contributor to the coming months.

The researchers behind the research did however find that there is a correlation between the rainfall events occurring in May and the overall sea level.

This finding is the first to tie climate change to an ongoing, large scale flooding event.

As the ocean warms, the amount of moisture in the ocean decreases and this increases the amount and frequency of extreme rainfall events.

For example, in February, heavy rains were reported in many parts.

In March, a severe storm hit the Sacramento region.

However, it was the combination of these events that triggered the GPA and triggered a large wave of coastal flooding.

As sea levels rise, the ocean will absorb more water and increase the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

In addition, climate change could result in higher temperatures in the region and more severe weather events that could be more difficult to predict.

If climate change is not linked to an increase in extreme rainfall in the future, then the researchers think that it could cause climate change related flooding in the near future.

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