‘I think it’s going to be good’: University of Iowa graduates rave about Stonehill College

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The University of Ames has been awarded a $5.9 million grant to renovate the former University of Minnesota campus at 19th and C streets NW.

The U.S. Department of Education gave Iowa the $5 million grant in recognition of the institution’s efforts to renovating its historic Stonehill Hall, a historic building that houses the U.N. Headquarters.

The historic building, built in 1891, is located in the heart of downtown Ames.

The building, which sits on land leased to the university by the U-M, houses the Iowa Board of Regents, which administers U-MN.

It was built for the U, but later used as a hotel, and is now the home to the Ames Public Library.

It also houses the Ames Police Department, which maintains security and conducts other functions, and a large park, according to a news release.

The state Department of Human Services also provided the grant.

Stonehill’s new president, Steve Dickson, said the building has a reputation for having a “barking, boisterous, lively atmosphere” that has been instrumental in making the University of Illinois campus the most popular destination in the nation.

Dickson, who is also the vice president of the University and College Republicans, said he plans to build a barbeque shack on the grounds and sell some of his food to the public there.

He also hopes to have a bar that will serve beer and wine.

Dickey said the project will add to the community and draw in more people, who would otherwise stay at home.

He also said Stonehill is the first university in Iowa to open a new academic building.

Dickson, who has a son in the Iowa Army National Guard, said that the university is working to find a more permanent location for the building, so that it can be used for more activities.

The university has also been seeking the assistance of the U and College Republican groups.

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