How to tell whether you’re a College Football fan who’s been fooled

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re an Ohio State fan.

The Buckeyes are one of the most recognizable programs in college football, but they’re also the least recognizable in America, according to a new study.

“Ohio State fans tend to be a bit more conservative and conservative Republicans tend to like the Buckeyes more,” said Roberta Murgatroyd, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Cincinnati who was part of the study.

“So if you’re someone who is a college football fan, that makes you a Republican, which makes you more conservative, more Republican, more conservative.”

Murgatryd and her colleagues collected data from over 5,000 Americans over a period of two years.

They analyzed data from 1,700 college football fans, including a large percentage of Republicans.

They also surveyed people from a wider range of demographic groups, including people who identify as conservative, evangelical, or unaffiliated.

What they found was that people who were members of conservative religious groups tended to like Ohio State more than people who weren’t.

People who identify with the Christian right tend to have a more conservative view of the state of Ohio than other people.

Murgarret said it’s important to remember that the data doesn’t tell you whether Ohio State fans are liberal or conservative.

But it does indicate that people identifying with the religious right tend, if anything, to be more conservative.

The researchers also found that people with conservative political views tended to be less likely to have attended a sporting event in the past year, according the study, which was published this week in the journal Psychological Science.

That suggests that conservative sports fans might not be as popular as other people in the state.

In addition, the researchers found that those who attended sports events in the previous year were more likely to be liberal than those who didn’t attend them.

That’s not entirely surprising, Murgaratryt said, as conservatives tend to vote for Democrats, or support a certain political party.

And she said it also doesn’t mean that Ohio State is a liberal state.

The study didn’t ask people about their political leanings.

So if your friends are a Republican and you don’t attend a sporting game, or if your closest friends are Republicans, you might not even know it.

You might not know if you are a conservative, Mournatroys team wrote in the study’s abstract.

Murgaratryd said the findings could help people with other political affiliations.

For example, conservative religious conservatives are a larger group in the U.S. than other religious groups, but are still a minority of the general population, Murtatroyds team wrote.

And even if they’re the majority of the population, conservative Republicans are also a minority, Mettaryds team noted.

That could mean conservative Republicans might be more socially conservative than other conservatives.

But it also means that they might be less socially conservative, according a Republican political strategist who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the researchers.

But, Morgatroyde said, it’s possible that there are other explanations for the results, including that conservative football fans might be a more loyal group to their team than other Americans.

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