How the NCAA’s latest anti-discrimination rule will impact the college football landscape

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The NCAA is proposing a new rule to regulate the hiring of minority players, which could affect many players’ college eligibility.

The rule, which was approved by the NCAA Board of Directors on Thursday, requires universities to hire at least 10% of their athletes from underrepresented backgrounds.

The rule will take effect in 2019.

Currently, minority players have a chance to earn scholarships, which can be used for living expenses, tuition, living expenses and other expenses.

This could include living expenses from student fees, room and board, transportation and other items.

Under the proposed rule, universities would need to have at least one full-time, minority-majority faculty member who can lead the hiring process and oversee hiring.

The hiring of full-timers from under-represented backgrounds would be contingent on the university receiving “good faith” from its student-athletes.

The proposed rule also requires universities that are “not able to hire” full- time students from under a certain minority group to hire minority students in those roles, though there are exceptions for universities that can’t meet the rule’s minimum quota of 20% under a given year.

The NCAA said it would also allow institutions that are not able to find qualified minorities to consider recruiting students from “any other race” from their community, or students who attend other schools where there are “reasonable expectations of a minority student population.”

In its report to the Board of Governors on Wednesday, the NCAA said that while it has been “aware of and appreciates the efforts” made by colleges and universities to diversify their student-base, the rule is “not an effective means to achieve these goals.”

“This proposed rule is not effective for all schools,” the NCAA wrote.

“It is only effective for schools that are able to recruit underrepresented students from any other race.”

While the NCAA has been supportive of the rule, it is expected to be challenged in court by the school.

The National Association of College Basketball Coaches, the players union and the NCAA have argued the rule should be limited to minority students.

“The proposed rules are intended to serve as a means to ensure that all students are afforded equal opportunities to attend and excel in our country’s universities, but we remain concerned that the rule would impose a disproportionate burden on minority students,” NACB President Larry Scott said in a statement.

The U.S. Department of Education has also raised concerns about the rule.

“A significant proportion of our student- athletes are white, and minority students are disproportionately represented among students who have not attended a college-preparatory program,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in an email.

“While this rule does not mandate any particular type of diversity, it does require schools to ensure minority students have equal opportunities in all aspects of their recruitment.”

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