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The average college football fan watches more than 4,000 college football contests per year, but that number could go up in coming years as many more games are being broadcast across the country.

It is estimated that about one-third of all college football home games are now broadcast in the US.

The popularity of college football has seen it gain a lot of attention since it was introduced in 1998. 

The most popular college football teams in the world, according to sports ratings website ESPN, are Alabama, Clemson, Florida State and Michigan.

The SEC West, where Alabama, LSU and Georgia all play each other, has also seen a lot more college football action this year. 

It is also worth mentioning that the number of college teams participating in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is currently at 3,700. 

So how many games do college football fans actually watch? 

According to the Nielsen Company, which tracks the viewership of sporting events in the United States, the average fan watches around 1,000 live college football events per year.

This number is based on the number that live TV broadcasts of college games have in the past 24 hours, which gives a snapshot of how many people actually watch college football. 

According the Nielsen numbers, in the 12 months ending in June, ESPN, which also provides live sports broadcasts, said it had over 1.3 billion live views of college game broadcasts on YouTube. 

What’s more, more than 1.4 billion people watched the NBA playoffs on ESPN this season, according Nielsen. 

That means that more than a quarter of all people watched at least one college football game, according ESPN’s sports coverage director, Robyn O’Toole. 

Of course, there are exceptions to this, as ESPN reported that the NCAA Basketball Tournament, which consists of the NCAA Tournament and the NCAA Men’s Golf Championships, had more than 8 million viewers, according the figures from the Nielsen company. 

But there is no doubt that college football is getting bigger and more popular, as the number in the ratings and the average viewership for these events are on the rise. 

This year, the games being broadcast are expected to include the Ohio State-Alabama-Clemson college football matchup, as well as the Georgia-North Carolina-Northwestern college football contest. 

In the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship, which was announced last week, Georgia beat North Carolina by double digits, while Ohio State defeated Texas. 

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