How arapahsoe community colleges are hurting our students’ chances at a career

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Arapahoes, a community college in Colorado, has been struggling to keep students employed since 2015.

Students from around the country are finding themselves struggling to find work, because they don’t have the skills to get a job, the college says.

The school’s workforce has shrunk to about 30% of its former size.

The recession has been devastating for the community college, which employs a total of about 1,300 people.

Students who enrolled at the college during the recession are now stuck at a $1,200 tuition rate and are likely to be out of work by 2019, said the college’s president, Jennifer Krasner.

The school is also trying to attract a younger, tech-savvy workforce, which is needed to keep up with the growing number of students in the workforce.

“I think the economy has been tough for a number of people, but a big part of that is that it has a lot of high-demand jobs that people can’t find a job in,” Kraser said.

That’s where a small, underperforming community college is stepping in.

In November, the nonprofit Colorado Community Colleges Association launched the Arapahsoes Community College Partnership, an effort to create a new business incubator to develop new businesses in the community.

This is a way for community colleges to compete on an even playing field, said David C. Krasnoff, president of the Colorado Association of Community Colleges.

Community colleges across the country face a number issues, such as underfunding and staffing shortages, said Kristy J. Seeman, president and CEO of the Aamax Foundation, a nonprofit focused on community colleges.

But with new technology and technology-based jobs, students can take advantage of that.

For example, a job as a server in an online marketplace could be as much as $100,000.

And the job market for software developers is also booming.

“The way you get people into a position to get that kind of income is to get people with a STEM background into the workforce,” said Seeman.

If you can get students to go to a community center, where they can get the skills and training, then that’s a win for everyone, said Krasnor.

It’s also a win, for the students who are doing well, because it gives them a pathway to a career that will help them pay for college.

arapahoe community college

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